Should I Apply Again?

Last Updated: 03/18/15

Reapplying to Medical School

I was not accepted to MD school the first time, now what? Should I consider reapplying to medical school? Should I research osteopathic medical schools? Should I research Caribbean medical schools? We’ll answer all these and more below.

Reapplying to Medical School – Why Wasn’t I Accepted the First Time?

The first thing you should consider when deciding whether reapplying to medical school is a good idea is why you weren’t accepted on the first try. Did you receive an interview to medical school? Were you wait listed for medical school? These are indications that you were close to getting in and it is worth trying again. Maybe your MCAT score was just a little too low or your GPA was just a tad off. Or maybe your extracurricular activities weren’t quite strong enough. You should have a pretty good idea of why you didn’t get in and you need to work on that area before you reapply. DO NOT reapply to medical school without strengthening your application. Med schools you reapply to will want to know what you did in the year between application cycles and how you strengthened yourself as a candidate.

If your MCAT score was a little low (usually below 27-28), you should use the extra year to study hard and retake the test to improve your score. If it was your GPA, you should work on raising that number. Take more undergrad courses (particularly in the sciences) and do well. If that isn’t an option, consider doing a one year medical masters certificate program. Many major universities offer this option. If the problem was your extracurriculars, work on getting volunteer hours, research, leadership, and shadowing experiences.

Our Opinion on Reapplying to Medical School

If you have determined that you weren’t close to getting accepted the first time, it may be time to consider other options. The two most popular options for students looking for alternatives to MD school are osteopathic medical schools and Caribbean medical schools.

Osteopathic Medical Schools

See our complete guide to osteopathic medical schools here. If you decide reapplying to medical school isn’t for you, consider osteopathy as an additional option. Osteopathic medical schools are four-year medical schools in the US that allow you to earn a DO degree. Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine are full, recognized doctors that can practice medicine in the US. The osteopathic medical schools teach a slightly different philosophy and approach to medicine and they are generally less competitive and easier to get into than allopathic medical schools. Doctors of osteopathic medicine go to residency programs in the US, although they are generally less competitive applicants. As a result, most doctors of osteopathic medicine practice in an area of primary care that is easier to get into, such as family medicine or pediatrics. You can start your research into osteopathic medical schools by finding our list of accredited osteopathic medical schools.

Caribbean Medical Schools

See our complete guide to Caribbean medical schools here. If reapplying to medical school isn’t right for you, consider applying to medical school in the Caribbean. Caribbean medical schools are a popular option for students considering alternatives to US MD schools. These are four-year medical schools located in Caribbean islands that allow students to achieve an MD degree that is recognized in the United States. Most Caribbean medical schools even allow students to do their clinical rotations (3rd and 4th years of medical school) in the US. Caribbean medical students may attend residency programs in the United States, although they are generally considered much less competitive applicants than US MD & DO students. Therefore, it is important to research the top Caribbean medical schools and find Caribbean medical school rankings since you’ll want to attend the best Caribbean medical school you possibly can. Updated rankings can all be found on google. It is extremely important that you make sure the Caribbean medical school you choose is accredited. You can find our list of accredited Caribbean medical schools.