PreMed Colleges and Degrees

Last Updated: 03/17/15

Finding Pre Med Colleges

While it is true that you can get into medical school with almost any major from almost any college, the vast majority of students enrolling in medical school choose a pre med major tract. Most major universities have a specified tract for pre med students. You can check their websites for specific details, as programs vary widely from school to school. Below is a guide to what to look for when choosing between pre med colleges.

How to Choose a Pre Med College

You can choose any major in college as long as you cover the medical school admission requirements, so look for a school with majors you’re interested in! The basic prerequisites for medical school (and the MCAT) require you to take a full year of General Chemistry, a full year of Organic Chemistry, a full year of Biology, and a full year of Physics. Some medical school course requirements are more comprehensive and may require a semester of Biochemistry and a semester of Statistics. Regardless of your major, you must take these courses to get into medical school, so it is important to look for a college with a strong reputation in these areas. Read more about medical school requirements here

Most colleges will offer these courses, and most with strong pre med degree programs will have a great reputation in these sciences. So how do you further narrow down your search? The best way is to look for colleges that offer unique extracurricular activities. For example, does the college have any clubs or organizations for pre med students? Often these organizations have special opportunities for their members, such as shadowing opportunities with local physicians or established volunteer programs. Look for their websites and research what they offer. If you already know what medical schools you might like to attend, check their websites and see what undergraduate pre med programs their students attended.

A final option for choosing a pre med degree program includes looking into a seven year medical program. These are exclusive programs offered by many colleges that allow you to get your bachelor’s degree and your medical degree in seven years. Read more about seven year medical school programs here.

Best Undergraduate Schools For Pre Med

There is no ranking system for pre med colleges! Instead of focusing on going to the “best” pre med program, you should use the reasoning above to choose the right college for you. You will be working hard during your pre med courses and you will be much better off going to a school where you are happy and comfortable. If you absolutely must make a ranking of the best pre med schools, here is a general guide.

The best pre med colleges often are attached to strong medical schools. This is because the school will generally have a strong science faculty and lots of research activity (which means opportunities for you to get involved). Search google for the most current ranking of medical schools. This list is generally put out by US News yearly. It is also useful to note that the Ivy League schools are generally considered good pre med schools and have a long history of placing students in medical schools.