Last Updated: 03/17/15

Pre Med College Resources

The links below are intended for pre med students who are already in college but not yet ready to apply to medical school yet. You can find information about how to choose a college program on our high school page and information about the medical school application on our applying page. You will find information on the necessary GPA, volunteer hours, shadowing, and leadership experiences to get into medical school in the medical school requirements article below.

  • Medical School Requirements – This section is extremely important for pre med students. This is one of our most popular pages and covers all of the requirements pre med students must fulfill in order to attend medical school.
  • Pre Med Majors and Courses – What should I major in? What courses do I need to take? These popular questions and more are answered in this article.
  • How to Prepare for the MCAT – Another vital article for pre med students. This is where we cover strategies for studying for the MCAT and how you can improve your score. We’ll also discuss whether you should register for a review course and review our favorite study materials.