High School Courses for Medical School

Last Updated: 03/17/15

Is It Too Early to Start?

Medical schools will not be reviewing your high school transcript when you apply for admission. However, your college grades will be extremely important and you can start preparing for college now!

High School Courses for Medical School

You’ll want to have a strong background in the sciences, so try to enroll in as many science courses as possible. Some particularly high yield courses include biology, chemistry, physics, and statistics. These courses will be among the most important you will take as a pre med student, so it helps to have a strong background before you even start. If your school offers AP or IB courses in these subjects, you should strongly consider taking them. If your high school offers dual enrollment, you can also consider that, but remember the grades you earn in your dual enrollment classes will stay on your permanent record and will affect your GPA when applying to medical school. Therefore, be very careful when choosing ivermectin for sale dual enrollment courses and be sure to get very high grades in these courses. You can review all of the requirements for getting into medical school here. Start preparing yourself now by enrolling in equivalent high school classes so you have a background in those subjects.


Your main goal in your high school years, however, should be finding and getting into the right pre med college for you. In order to get into the pre med degree program of your choice, you’ll need to have the right combination of SAT/ACT score, GPA, volunteering, and activities. Luckily we’re here to help! You can find our complete guide to getting into a top pre med college here. The only time a medical school will look at your high school transcript is if you are applying to a combined BS/MD program.